Book Update

There have been many delays with IUP, and a lot of details to sort out, but the latest news is that the book will be published in March 2019!

Please note that the title is now Ottoman Dress and Design in the West: A Visual History of Cultural Exchange. We have a cover, and an introduction, and they are working on the catalog copy!

Book Update

More Than Oriental Splendor is still pre-production at Indiana University Press, so it is not likely to be out in 2017 — however, they are excited about it, the pieces are falling into place (including the 196 images) and as we know more it will be posted here!

Book News

Thank you to everyone who donated and to the Turkish Cultural Foundation for their grant! The final manuscript has been submitted to Indiana University Press. Sign up on this website to get news about the publication — there should be more soon!

Help us fund Dr. Jirousek’s book publication!

More Than Oriental Splendor: Exchanges in Dress, Design and Culture in the Mediterranean World During the Ottoman Era is Charlotte Jirousek’s most important work, the result of fifteen years of international research and writing.  Editors and peer readers have called the scholarship brilliant and original. Indiana University Press will be publishing it, we hope by the fall of 2017.

However, like most scholarly presses, they cannot afford the price of high quality color printing, professional indexing, and the many fees for reprinting the copyrighted images used in this heavily illustrated book. We will be applying for two grants and welcome advice on finding more! But also, if you would like to see this book published, please visit our GoFundMe page and share: