More Than Oriental Splendor

We have just signed a contract with the excellent Indiana University Press to publish Charlotte Jirousek’s More Than Oriental Splendor: Exchanges in Dress, Design and Culture in the Mediterranean World During the Ottoman Era. We expect it to be published in 2017.

This book will be of interest to professionals in fields of dress studies and material culture, as well as a broader audience interested more generally in fashion and cultural history, art historians, and social and cultural historians specializing in both the West and the lands east of the Mediterranean.

Since this is a densely illustrated book, our next task is to raise funds to cover the color printing and the permissions fees for about 300 images. We welcome any advice, and will be posting more soon.

2 thoughts on “More Than Oriental Splendor”

  1. She had completed the manuscript and was trying to find a publisher when she died. My sister and I inherited her intellectual property, and I’m working with the editor and handling the permissions -.Sara Catterall



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